"Drawing into Water"

“Drawing into water can only be done from the delicacy of the spirit, out of silence and amazement.
It can only flow from a deep concentration that remains flexible and dynamic each and every moment.
I have painted for as long as I can remember but until I came to paint plants, I had no particular interest in watercolors.
One could say that botanical art, to which I had so opened up in the past few years, has opened the door for me to this medium.
I try to follow no “rules”.
When I start a new painting, everything is open.
I have never studied watercolor techniques before and I deeply enjoy the opportunity to explore the possibilities of this new medium.
I apply an intuition that is a combination of experience and an ability to observe and to remain curious and amazed every time the unknown is revealed.
This intuition helps me find a way to capture the uniqueness of the subject before me, in line, stain, and color.
I am not trying to reproduce an accurate copy.
It is the search of its hidden yet plainly visible essence which guides me.
I sometimes begin by ‘stamping’ with water, and only then come in with touches of color and watch how they choose to spread.
It surprises me every time that such a liberal approach yields results that somehow capture that essence of my subject and reveal something beautiful and new.
In my mind I imagine that this perhaps, is how nature draws its leaves and flowers – laying a drop of rain on a living tissue and pouring color into it.”