About the artist:

Shachar Katz is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, ceramic artist and art teacher.
Shahar was Born in 1969 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is married with two daughters and living in a Village in Israel, placed in the central part of the country.


1991-1992: Art studies “Avni” School for art studies. Israel.
1993-1994: Painting studies NYU Studio School. New York.
1997: Illustration studies “Vital”, Shenkar art school. Israel
Over the years Shachar took upon herself many Autodidactic studies following and using a variety of avenues in different creative fields.

Work experience:

Areas of work: Art Director, Animation, Professional illustrator, Comics designer, Fashion design, Graphic consulting.
Since 2005 Shahar own a ceramic and painting studio called “Place to create” in KfarSirkin where she creates and teaches ceramics andbotanical painting.

“My journey as a painter began in my very early childhood.
I have always loved to paint and have been painting ever since I can remember myself.
Over the years I have gone through many phases in my art, exploring different fields of creative work, but I have always remained connected to painting.
I was fortunate enough to learn from different teachers, whether in art schools, in private tuition or during the course of pursuing my artwork.
I never sought to display or publish my work, until a chance encounter with botanical art and the wonderous wealth of creativity and beauty which it unleashed, sprouted a new will in my heart.
I was introduced to botanical art when a clinical herbalist professional asked me to design a business card for her.
This turned out to be a significant milestone in my path as an artist.
A remarkable world opened up to me, and awakened the love of nature, especially flora, which had always laid dormant in me.
I almost immediately felt that the delicate beauty of plants begs for a medium of subtle expression and a transparent quality and was drawn to start painting them in watercolors and ink.”

Artist’s Work Space

a home for creative exploration

The studio was designed as an urban building, located in a rural setting and surrounded by nature.
It is designed to serve as a welcoming and inviting creative work space.

The entry path is organically shaped and merges with the front garden. It combines beautiful mosaic art made by the artist.
The front of the entire studio is a glass wall through which the front garden is visible.
The garden is always blooming with a variety of local plants and flowers and is an accessible inspiration to students and visitors.

The studio is divided into two sections – a spacious lower level, where ceramics and painting workshops and classes are held for individuals and groups, and an upper level – an open mezzanine which is the artist’s personal and private work space.
The studio is equipped with a variety of materials and tools for the students to explore, enjoy and incorporate into their work.

“The gift we are given in being able to create a unique expression of our spirit and soul, needs a place and a space to materialize. Whether in ceramics or in painting, my guiding principle as an art instructor is to allow each and every one to seek and discover their unique expression through creation in substance. I am more of a facilitator than a teacher. I try to open up possibilities and point out directions and practical tools to help my students discover their own path. I believe walking that path is the main ingredient of creative development and that acquiring technical abilities is facilitated through it and by empowering a spirit of curiosity. I embrace the same approach in my own creative work.
I believe that every artist follows a unique path of development in both their art and their life.